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Issue # 01 - November 2008

Issue # 02 - January 2009

Members - For Grass Cutting dates click here - Note the growing season has ended - no more grass cutting until next summer!!

Current news - Issue #03, April 2009 


Issue # 3 – HMFC News – April 09

New members

Since January this year we have had 2 new members joining us. John Dickinson and Henry Bro, both are proficient R/C model pilots and we welcome you to HMFC.

HMFC Field

We have also had a lot of visitors at HMFC over the past months and the feedback we are getting from them is great. They are impressed with the field and runway, so again a big thank you to all the members for working together and assisted in cutting the grass over the summer season. As many of you will also now have already seen we have a new Pits / Clubhouse. This is going to be a real asset especially when our faithful wattle tree finally has to go. To add to this I include a note from Angus. 

To all HMFC Members,

 At the last Committee meeting Boet Naude suggested that we erect a pit area for Club members at HMFC.  Clive drew up a set of plans for the structure, Bill Middelton checked the structural design and Boet checked with the Farmer (Vince Ramsey) that he was happy for this structure to be erected.  All was in order to proceed and in a short space of time, with everyone’s assistance, this project has now been completed. 

Clive and Boet had checked on prices of materials and, after discussions with Committee members, it was decided to get a Contractor to erect the wooden structure.  Roof sheeting was donated to the Club by Frederick Potgieter.  Brian Jeffrey kindly assisted by cutting, joining and painting the roof sheeting, as required.  Boet collected the sheeting and transported it to the field - he also helped Clive and I fix the roof sheeting to the structure.  The Club now has a Pit area for Pilots and Visitors. 

I would like to express my thanks to everyone for all their time and effort – it’s great when a plan comes together. There are many other odd jobs that are carried out, by various members and I would like to say that it is all very much appreciated.  Our field surely is one of the best local venues – and we have had many positive comments from visitors to our field. 

Regards, Angus. McInnes, HMFC Chairman


Pattern Clinic hosted at HMFC 

This past weekend we hosted Neil Allen’s regular pattern clinic. The event was very well supported, both by Pilots and spectators alike. It was really good to see the support from the HMFC members who came to watch – let’s hope next time you guys will fly too! I include the results and notes from Neil Allen.

For photos from the Pattern day click here

Pattern 18/4/09

Howick MFC

Judges  - Des Cooper, Gail Dorse,


                                                Rd1      Rd2      Rd3      Best 2 of 3 av

 1)        Ian Morris                      63.6      67.5      68.4      68.0

 2)        Lynton Milner                 61.72    62.96    64.44    63.7

 3)        Clive McInnes                57.8      55.5      57         57.4

 4)        Speedy van Niekerk       41.97    42.34    60.49    51.42

 5)        Gijs Wijgers                  44.3      50.9      0.         47.6

 6)        Leon Coetzee                16.7      43         0          29.85



 1) Neil Allen                              67         71         70.47    70,7

 2) John Dorse                           0          58.6      67.6      63.1

 Lance Hackney came along, but could not fly with strange motor problems - cutting at full throttle of an OS 90 that worked  perfectly in a previous plane. Leon continued his deadstick pattern, with 7 deadsticks in the last 8 comp flights! Craig Lipsett wanted to attend, but apologises as he forgot the date! Alex van Zyl could not attend. With the addition of more of the fliers that are quite keen on coming such as Sprog, 8 year old Ben Kahler,  Eric Arnaud, and Les Ward we are looking at up to 16 fliers in the event that is the "Cream of Model Flying", which says a lot for the strength of good quality flying in KZN.

 We ran three rounds, starting at 9:30 and finishing at about 1:00, which is pretty efficient. Then HMFC did us a great braai, which was very popular - thank you! The field was great for pattern with clear approaches and a smooth grass runway of about 180 metres. However the approach road was bumpy and needed a slow drive, but it was accessible to any car.

 The judges panel was swelled by the addition of top Natal flier from the 1980's Mike Cox. We hope to see him flying next time instead of judging, as he was a past Provincial pattern Champ. It was great to have Mike Cox and our excellent pattern flyer of 20 years past, Ian Morris with us. I am sure they enjoyed the event.

 Speedy made a complimentary remark that the discipline of flying pattern in an exact airspace has already had a huge beneficial effect on his regular flying. Really, all the top scale, pylon, and pattern pilots have learnt the same way by trying to place loops and rolls in the right place in front of judges. Speedy got a few zeroes at first, but started working on it and it came right

Thank you Howick MFAC for organising us an immaculately mowed and  sorted out field and braai. Thank you to Des, Gail, and Mike for your hard work in judging

  Regards, Neil Allen



 New Pegboard


We also have a new pegboard and as always we still operate a “Peg On” system. In other words a peg on the board system. Please note that only 4no. 2.4 Ghz pegs may be in use at any one time, this is the ruling by SAMAA

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Happy Flying

Clive McInnes